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Welcome to Driver Provider. We are one of the largest providers of corporate transportation in the Southwest with locations in Phoenix, Tucson, and Sedona. Since getting our start in the transportation industry, we have worked tirelessly to distinguish ourselves from our competitors through hard work and outstanding service.

We understand that your time is valuable. In the modern world, people have a thousand different things they need to do at once. This is especially true for corporate events. That is why Driver Provider has prided itself on prompt and timely transportation since day one.

Our professional drivers will work on your schedule and not a second later. Each driver will make sure your employees get to their event, meeting, or retreat without having to stress about time. We also rigorously test our drivers to ensure they provide safe-operating conditions for riders at all times.

Corporate events are typically special occasions. They are events people look forward to, which is why Driver Provider is also diligent about creating a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. That includes thorough cleaning of the windows, seats, and floors as well as every day detailing, so riders can enjoy a spotless lift.

Group Transportation Shuttle in Phoenix

There are numerous ways a company can foster a more robust work culture through corporate events. Team building exercises, retreats, holiday parties, and employee appreciation days are just a few. Of course, when it comes to hosting those activities, it is essential to have the proper corporate transportation in Phoenix on your side.

One of the most popular options at Driver Provider is the corporate shuttle service. The convenience of the shuttle allows organizations to quickly and efficiently transport people from one place to the next. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a few lingering employees holding up the festivities.

Our company shuttle service is also significantly safer than your employees driving separately or carpooling. Having a single professional driver at the helm will ensure your team members can sit back and socialize on their way to the event. It’s the perfect way to start a stress-free and productive day away from the office.

In addition to corporate and airport shuttle services, Driver Provider offers corporate bus charters. These are ideal for extended trips where you have upwards of 50 people in attendance. They can also help provide efficient transport for executive meetings when some of the participants travel to Phoenix from out of town.

It is hard to overstate the economic and ecological efficiency of the shuttle service. Driver Provider streamlines all of your transportation needs while working on your schedule and budget. Having people travel together also minimizes the overall impact that each individual’s car would have on the environment.

Vehicles for Corporate Transportation

The bus is the marquee form of our corporate shuttle service. Our buses come with plush seating, expansive legroom, and built-in entertainment systems. In total, a single coach can provide room for up to 54 passengers.

Coach buses are the ideal way to travel in style and comfort. The spacious interior means everyone has enough room to socialize or catch a couple minutes of extra sleep. There are even storage areas underneath the bus for luggage, equipment, electronics, or other baggage.

Furthermore, Driver Provider has mini-buses in our fleet equipped with leather seating and a sleek interior design. When you have executive meetings on tap among a handful of individuals, this is the way to go. The mini-bus sits 27 to 39 people and includes luggage compartments in the back.

If you have a smaller event, say fewer than ten people, Driver Provider has you covered there too. To make a grand entrance, many companies opt for one of our limos. These fit up to eight people and are sure to leave a lasting impression.

We also have luxury cars, such as the Mercedes and SUVs. No matter what your needs or specifications are, Driver Provider is confident that it has something you will love. If you want to see the full selection of our vehicles, you can check them out here.

Top 10 Corporate Event Locations in Phoenix, AZ

The Clayton on the Park

When you want to marry contemporary comfort with style, look no further than The Clayton on the Park. The spacious facility sits in the heart of downtown Scottsdale and is a short walk from Fashion Square and premier entertainment. Whether your corporate event is 50 people or 1,000, you can rest assured knowing that The Clayton has venues to accommodate your needs.

The Clayton on the Park is known for its sophistication and modernity. The space can seat up to 150 people inside its sleek yet striking facility. There are also three interconnecting spaces that allow attendees to break off into focus groups if need be.

On-site is also The Clayton House, which combines three indoor and outdoor areas along with comprehensive catering and parking. Companies can comfortably host upward of 800 guests spread out across the refined industrial interior. There is also a built-in bar, which is perfect for late-night drinks.

Bonus Round

Corporate events don’t have to be in stuffy meeting rooms or office buildings. If you are planning a group outing, especially a corporate retreat or team-building exercise, the purpose is to mix professionalism with pleasure. For the perfect blend of each, schedule a visit to Bonus Round in central Phoenix.

Bonus Round is a new arcade and board game space that also serves a killer tap list. Your employees (or clients) will enjoy everything from Cargo Noir to Catan, Monopoly, and Mahjong. There are also classic arcade options like Rampage and NBA Jam.

There are also numerous options for food and beer. Once folks step away from the video games, they will be digging into tater tots, quesadillas, and pizza as well as healthy options like garden salads and wraps. Wash those savory servings down with the extensive beer, cocktail, and liquor list too.


If you want a complete 180 from Bonus Round, check out Candelas in Scottsdale. The European-styled event venue provides an oasis from the rumblings of office life. The 50-person capacity also offers a certain level of seclusion and intimacy for the corporate getaway.

Candelas is the ideal location if your company or branch is hosting people from out of town. Guests will get a treat with every rotating menu from Café Monarch, which Tripadvisor named one of the Top 25 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in the US. Plus, the facility is a mere stone’s throw from the Valley Ho Hotel, so event transportation is a snap.

One of the best parts of Candelas is the ambiance. The designers did not overlook a single detail as the palm trees, fountains, and hanging lanterns combine to create an unparalleled atmosphere for private business functions. Discover the beauty of the interior design by checking their photo gallery.

The Churchill

The Churchill is well known for its “community, creativity, and collaboration” approach. With those brand values, it is no surprise that ten companies have currently taken up residence in the facility. It’s also the perfect place to connect for a corporate event.

The Churchill is located in the heart of the Roosevelt’s Arts District near downtown and is the brainchild of FTG Projects. The goal is to foster collaboration or competition as a way of providing mutual benefits for companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Each month, FTG Projects activates The Churchill with classes, speakers, galleries, and viewing parties.

Additionally, there is also a myriad of different vendors serving everything from cold beer to pizza. Employees can grab a slice and a pint and then get down to business. Make sure to book your event early, though, because finding free parking can be competitive.

Desert Willow Conference Center

With more than 40,000 square feet of space, Desert Willow Conference Center is the perfect destination for massive corporate events. The facility is home to 11 conference rooms, each with distinctive setups to meet your personal needs. They even have a ballroom that can comfortably seat 500 attendees.

Companies can pick and choose from a variety of meetings and events packages. For instance, the Day Meeting Package provides the equipment, space, and personnel to execute corporate meetings seamlessly. There are also catering options that range from continental breakfasts to hors d’oeuvres. 

One of the reasons the Desert Willow Conference Center has become such a trendy destination is its location. The center is located in the Cotton Center business park, which incorporates some of the primary freeways in the metro area. It is also a short drive from downtown as well as the Sky Harbor International Airport.

Escape Zone

What makes a company successful is how well its employees work together. That means having open channels of communication, tackling complex projects, and understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Instead of having a traditional seminar on the importance of team building, take a visit to Escape Zone.

Escape Zone requires people to work closely together to get out of an escape room. The fictional premise is that Pele the Volcano Fire God has woken up and demands a human sacrifice. Teams of people have to work fast and smart to complete challenges and ensure they are not the ones that end up on the cutting room floor.

The escape rooms are spacious enough to accommodate teams of eight at a time. If you have a slightly larger group, The Island room can host as many as 16 people. Having multiple groups isn’t a negative, though. It allows for friendly competition to see which company group solves their challenges first.

Legend City Studios

The only limit to Legend City Studios is in your imagination. The downtown Phoenix facility is made up of 7,000 square feet of spacious art galleries and working spaces. It is also the home to artists such as Randy Slack and photographers like Jon Balinkie and Jason Grubb.  

The expansive interior allows for companies to personalize their corporate events. Legend City Studios can hold up to 450 people and can accommodate in-house audio and video projections. That is why the facility also moonlights as a location for networking, engagement dinners, receptions, and bridal showers.

There are also four hotels within a two-block radius. Therefore, Legend City Studios can serve as a straightforward meeting point if there are out-of-towners in the party. All you need is five individuals in your group to book your reservation today.

Warehouse 215 @ Bentley Projects

There is truly no space in Phoenix quite like Warehouse 215 @ Bentley Projects. The facility started as a linen laundry building in 1918, and today is an up-and-coming home for the burgeoning food scene and nightlife downtown. It also plays home to everything from sit down dinners to film shoots to cocktail parties.

The Warehouse 215 @ Bentley Projects is a few blocks from Chase Field and the Phoenix Convention Center. It stretches out over 10,000 square feet on the interior with an additional 1,500 for a professionally landscaped patio. Main events happen in one of the two primary rooms while adjoining spaces host smaller meetings and get-togethers.

The professional meeting space can accommodate anywhere from five to 1,200 people. That includes events such as meetings, seminars, training programs, team-building exercises, and corporate retreats. If you plan on booking a full day at the warehouse, it is also an ideal location for large-scale dinners and banquets.

Venue at the Grove

The Phoenix area boasts some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the country. The region is home to rugged mountains, lush preserves, and rolling deserts, just to name a few. For a corporate retreat to the seclusion of Mother Nature, make sure to check out Venue at the Grove.

While Venue at the Grove primarily markets itself as a wedding venue, this cozy outdoor space is perfect for business events too. Attendees can enjoy panoramic views of the serene outdoors from the pecan tree-lined property. The lush green property is precisely what your team wants, especially when the weather is on-point.

Venue at the Grove can accommodate upwards of 200 guests at one time. There is also a recently renovated banquet hall as well as award-winning catering from Ensemble Catering. If you are planning a late-night corporate event, guests will also get the treat of a stunning starscape.

Unexpected Art Gallery

Unexpected Art Gallery is one of the latest venue openings on this list as it debuted in the Phoenix Historic Grand Avenue District in 2015. The area features a variety of nontraditional art pieces that provoke thought and wonder. That includes more than 550-framed paintings and 10,000 art prints as well as historical artifacts from around the world.

The vibrant atmosphere is the perfect way to get the creative juices flowing. Attendees will have the opportunity to find inspiration from the diverse portfolio of art as they stroll from gallery to gallery. Having gourmet catering available doesn’t hurt either.

Unexpected Art Gallery is a one-of-a-kind destination for small and large gatherings alike. In fact, it also doubles as a place for wedding receptions, cocktail parties, festivals, and trade shows. Check out why this colorful and eclectic venue is worth a visit.

Corporate events are about more than escaping the daily grind of the office.


They are an opportunity to highlight exceptional work, promote creativity, and produce a better work environment. It’s no coincidence that 96 percent of small business owners said corporate meetings have a positive return on investment.

Of course, these events don’t happen by themselves. They require some location planning, coordination, and logistics. When it comes to ensuring that your team gets where they need to go on time, the team at Driver Provider has your back.

Since opening our doors, we have gone above and beyond to establish ourselves as one of the premier corporate transportation services in Phoenix. We offer a fleet of reliable vehicles and professional drivers, so you can get the comfort and confidence you need. It is our way of ensuring you get the highest quality results from your event with the lowest amount of stress.

Find out why so many Phoenix businesses trust their event transportation to Driver Provider. You can learn more about our cars and services by calling one of our representatives at (866) 506-7438. You can also shoot us an email at or visit us in person at 3439 S 40th St., Phoenix.


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