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Phoenix Charter Bus Rentals

You can be traveling with your team to a sporting event, or with a group of colleagues to a conference, the best option to get you and your group wherever you need to go is a chartered coach.

Traveling in Phoenix with the Comfort and Style of a Coach Bus

Traveling in a large group is one of the best ways to create fun memories that last a lifetime. With sites like the Zoo and the Heard Museum, a great place to bring your group is Arizona.

You can be traveling with your team to a sporting event, or with a group of colleagues to a conference, the best option to get you and your group wherever you need to go is a chartered coach.

According to industry experts like The Driver Provider, there are a few things to consider when deciding to book a charter bus in the city.

From the cleanliness of a company’s vehicles to the amenities provided, there’s a solution to get your large group around in comfort and style.

need a coach bus rental for your event

  • Sporting Events: From watching your tiny tikes playing in Little League games, to catching a foul ball at a Cardinals game in the State Farm Stadium, using charter buses makes certain that every fan, team member, and chaperone gets to the games on time and in comfort. Regardless if you’re going to an away game, or simply trying to bring your party to tailgating festivities, a coach will get you where you want to be without worrying about ride-sharing apps or how many people can fit in the carpool.


  • Weddings: Planning the perfect day can be exciting and overwhelming, but when one decision slips through the cracks, it’s easy for that day to descend into chaos. Imagine trying to get your bridal party, groomsmen, parents, photographer, and the photographer’s equipment to your special location for pre and postnuptial photos. Don’t forget! Your photographer can capture those memorable and beautifully candid moments, to and from your locations, because everyone will be in the same place at the same time.


  • Corporate Events: Whether it’s a large conference or an industry retreat, transportation to and from the airport to various venues is essential to a successful gathering of professionals. No one wants to get left behind and the best way to do that is to make sure every colleague is present. The more colleagues aboard the charter, the cheaper your travel and entertainment expenses will be.


  • Private Reasons: Do you have an upcoming family reunion where every cousin you never met has guaranteed their attendance? Or what about that massive vacation where every family member, friend, and their children have cleared their schedules just to get that fantastic panoramic shot to post on social media? There’s a bus company that will get you the perfect coach for your itinerary.


  • Bands: Musicians, your entourage, and your equipment all need a reliable form of transportation from the airport, to their hotel, to the concert venue, and everywhere else you’ll need to go.

Our Charter buses

Two of the most common buses to be chartered are large coaches and the mini-bus.

Large Coach Buses

  • The majority of these buses come with leather seating so that your group will travel in comfort with the ability to recline without disrupting the passengers around them.
  • The capacity to store a lot of luggage is a bonus too. Whether it’s equipment or suitcases, the travel accessories of your passengers will fit.
  • The charter averages around 54 passengers. If you have that many people in your group, the costs per person will drop significantly.
  • This is a great way to take multiple day tours with large amounts of people you care about.


  • While these buses don’t have the same storage capacity, they’ll accommodate your group of approximately 27-39 passengers comfortably.
  • They’re great for short day trips around the city.
  • The rear luggage compartments offer some space to bring along your group’s essentials, and it doesn’t interfere with the mini-bus’s executive and conservative style.

Amenties and cost for charter bus rentals

Amenities onboard

When riding with The Driver Provider in our Charter Buses you can expect a range of luxuries; reclining leather seats, the option to put on a movie, power outlets and WiFi capabilities.

Our Phoenix Charter buses are kept in exceptional condition to ensure you enjoy your journey onboard with The Driver Provider.

How much does it cost to rent a charter bus?

When it comes to pricing charter buses Phoenix offers an array of companies to give you a great deal, but a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Hourly Rates If you’re only looking to rent the coach for a few hours, to and from a game or event, then this may be the best option for your need. Large buses average $125 – $180 per hour. Mini-buses average $125 – $160 an hour.
  • Daily Rates If you’re unsure about how long you’ll need the charter for the day, or if you know your group has a tendency to take detours and make extra unscheduled stops, then a solid rate for the day gives you the freedom to move about as necessary. Large coaches fetch $1300 – $1700, minibuses will cost an average of $1200 – $1500. If you happen to be in a band, your musical group can rent one for the day and get the rock star treatment for $1900 – $2500 per day.
  • Mileage fees You’ll also need to pay close attention to those mileage fees as the distance you travel adds up quickly. The average rate per mile ranges from $4 to $8.50 per mile.

Get the best out of your large group event with a charter company rental


When it comes down to seeing Phoenix AZ with a large group of people you work with or care about, chartering a coach is the best way to get around.

There’s an abundance of attractions to see in your free time, or if you want to catch the Diamondbacks or Cardinals at home, there’s something to accommodate your needs for that too! It’s up to you to book a charter bus in Phoenix and make sure to use the tips and tricks listed above to reserve the best deal possible as soon as possible.


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