Jason Kaplan is the founder of Driver Provider, which offers airport, travel and recreational transportation to customers in Phoenix, Tucson and Jackson Hole, Wyo.

What is one of your business goals for 2008? Continuing our effort toward making at least one-third of our fleet in all locations environmentally friendly. We are currently reviewing which vehicles will be best and are excited about the increasing options of both flex fuel and hybrid SUVs. We have made a commitment to think green.

What is one thing your company does better than any other? Planning. We live by the five P’s: Proper planning prevents poor performance. This philosophy was adopted by our dispatch department and has become a companywide commitment.

On a daily basis, what are the one or two key performance measurements that you most frequently keep an eye on? We closely monitor on-time success and customer feedback. I expect to see the team exceeding customer expectations.

What’s the best small change you’ve made in the past year that produced surprisingly big results? We made a small uniform change for the chauffeurs, which surprisingly resulted in a morale boost. This change was prompted by our 10-year anniversary.

What is a significant goal you achieved during the past 12 months, and why did it matter? I turned my focus inward in order to drill down on what core competencies were most important to me. It is important to always reevaluate — especially oneself, both from a microscopic and telescopic perspective.

How do you foster teamwork? We empower people to believe in themselves and take chances. I am a huge believer that people need to know what they don’t know. I encourage my team to first come up with a plan, and then seek guidance if needed.

What mistake have you learned from? It is important to take vacations. Time away and time to play are essential components of success.

Originally published on Feb 10, 2008, at https://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/stories/2008/02/11/smallb4.html


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